The internationally renowned Danish group Pax Architects was founded in 2020. It is led by three prestigious architects, Thomas Bossel, Mathias Brockdorff, and Mads Rudi Lassen. Each of the partners has a long and successful architectural career.
Their experience ranges from the development of architectural proposals, design strategies, and plan development to the implementation of winning proposals.

This architecture, born of shared creativity, refers to relational values extracted from everyday life and processes in all senses and extends from this logic outside the discipline itself, with a holistic vision that encompasses something greater than architecture itself. We design architecture based on an artistic starting point. At its best, this leads to architecture as art - interacting with people through playfulness and engaging mediation.

AD arquitectos S.A. Sosa Barrera y Asociados is an architectural firm based in Panama City with more than 18 years of experience.

Their projects are conceived to merge intelligent design with a high level of detail, exclusive materials, and excellent execution.
They create timeless spaces with a focus on functionality, personality, and the specific needs of their clients. Their commitment is to provide experience and knowledge throughout the entire process.

En nuestro estudio, valoramos la colaboración y la comunicación cercana con nuestros clientes. Cada proyecto es una oportunidad para transformar sueños en realidad. Nos esforzamos por comprender las necesidades específicas de cada cliente.

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